Our horsebreeding farm was founded in 1986 for the purpose of breeding beautiful horses with a correct build and a good character, good movers fit to perform on a high level for many yearsr

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Some beautiful breeding results:

Don Saros van 't Gestelhof (2002)
Saros x Calypso III
Belgian Champion National foal test
Chablis van 't Gestelhof (2002)
Saros x Calypso III
Finalist (4th) National foal test
Cablesse van 't Gestelhof (2002)
Saros x Darco
Finalist (9th) National foal test
Baron van 't Gestelhof (2001)
Saros x Calypso III
Finalist (5th) National foal test
2nd loose-jumping at Luik - click for picture
Warkant van 't Gestelhof (2002)
Ferro x Furioso
Approved stallion B.W.P.
Halfbrother of  Turbo and Vasco
Approved stallion BWP en Westfalen
Woblesse van 't Gestelhof (1999)
Rubinstein x Ramiro
Finalist National mare test
Thalassa van 't Gestelhof (1996)
Rubinstein x Neroli
Provincial Champion with the young promising rider Sophie Van Looveren
Vasco van 't Gestelhof (1998)
Weltmeyer I x Furioso
Half-brother of Turbo
Belgian Champion Gesves 3-years-old
Final winner of Belgian Champ. 4-years-old
Winner Cup of Belgium 5-years-old
Utabor van 't Gestelhof (1997)
Darco x Grandduel
Approved stud B.W.P.
3/4 brother of Turbo
Ultra van 't Gestelhof (1997)
Rubinstein x Pik König
Sister of Saros van 't Gestelhof
2 x finalist national mare test
Very promising young dressage horse
Selected for the A-group dressage BWP
Finalist championship 4-years-olds
Turbo van 't Gestelhof (1996)
Darco x Furioso
Approved stallion BWP
Being trained by co-owner Ludo Phillipaerts
Finalist 4-years-old horses cycle & LRV
Finalist 5-year-old world world championship, best classified BWP stallion in cycle
Sandro van 't Gestelhof (1995)
Darco x Furioso
Sold to Ludo Phillipaerts
3rd inspection stallion test
Finalist young horses with Rita Phillipaerts
Full brotther of Turbo van 't Gestelhof
Saros van 't Gestelhof (1995)
Ramiro x Pik König
Approved stallion BWP
4-years-olds - reserve Belgian champion + 10 victories
5-year-olds Belgian champion + 12 victories.
6-year-olds Belgian champion, 4th place at the world championship in Verden + 23 victories
Rianta van 't Gestelhof (1994)
Voltaire x Pik König
Sister of Saros van 't Gestelhof
3 x finalist Belgian championship young horses dressage. (4-year-olds, 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds)
As 6-year-old: very successful Z 2 with Wilfried Mondelaerster Saros van 't Gestelhof
Ramira van 't Gestelhof (1994)
Ramiro x Grandduel
E-label   &   P-label
Representative European championship for mares in Brussels 4 x finalist national mare test
3 x finalist Belgian championship young horsesZ-dressage with Wilfried Mondelaers
Quanta van 't Gestelhof (1993)
Darco x Latano
Sold to Luxembourg
Jumping 1.30m and 1.40m
Pancho van 't Gestelhof (1992)
Matcho x Pik König
Reserve champion young horses dressage with Els Michiels
Sold to Switzerland (Grand-Prix level)
Brother of Saros van 't Gestelhof
Othello van 't Gestelhof (1991)
Pik Bube x Lugano
3 x reserve champion of Belgium (4-year-olds, 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds) young horses dressage
Z - dressage with Wilfried Mondelaers
Oreal van 't Gestelhof  (1991)
Furioso x Grandduel
E-label, national champion and mother of the approved BWP stallions TURBO van 't Gestelhof and Warkant van 't Gestelhof. Vasco van 't Gestelhof: Belgian champion 3-year-olds
Nele van 't Gestelhof (1990)
Furioso x Neroli
3 x finalist national mare test
Nikita van 't Gestelhof (1990)
Latano x Ubergabe
Elite mare, 3 entries in the national mare test
Finalist 4-year-olds jumping Gesves
Finalist 5+6-year-olds dressage young horses Representative BWP European championship for mares in Brussels Z 2 dressage
Mario van 't Gestelhof (1989)
Bonheur x Grandduel
National jumping 1.40m
Maestro van 't Gestelhof (1989)
Romeo x Lubano
Silver medal "Price of the king" Gesves with Louis Van Gestel
Le Primo van 't Gestelhof (1988)
Primo des Bruyere x Pik Koenig
Successful dressage horse with Louis Van Gestel, now with the promising young rider Leen Cools
Krison van 't Gestelhof (1997)
Grison x Ubergabe
Highlight at the auction in Mechelen